My name’s Matthew, but you can call me Matt.

Greetings From Down Here.

A Grid Of Factoids.

I Believe It's Magic

Folks that obsessively dig into things they think are cool are, themselves, cool; except for terrorists. Like the Ghostbusters and artisanal cheese makers. I'm typically a big fan of crackpot purists that wear their heart on their sleeve.

Call In The Fixer

I have a method for fixing things. Step 1. I try something. Step 2. See if that thing I did in back in Step 1. worked or not. Rinse and Repeat. Heueristics is the key to making good decisions.

Salty Watermelon

I grew up in the South, which taught me that an accent can be an advantage in convincing people to do things you want and that a watermelon slice was meant to eaten with salt.

Feeling Cheesy

From bad puns to trolling Aww for cute Westie pictures, I love the Internet and being part of it. If there's a meme you need explained or a video to make you laugh, I'm the man for the job.

Fight The Power

I hate cliches, but things are so much better when they're smaller. I like experiments, weird ideas, cheap wine, local businesses and start ups.

Tanks A Lot

I've always had a historically strong position when it comes to tanks: I love the hell out of them. I've sat on an M4 Sherman and visited the cold tundra of Wisconsin to see a Pershing.

Since We Know Each Other So Well Now.

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