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An android blog for people who aren't full of shit.


Android Static is a technology blog I created in 2011 that focuses on helping normal people find apps for their Android phones and tablets. A passion project built on my interests in tech, Android Static grew to have over 20,000 monthly visitors and established itself as resource among Android users. Android Static was built on the idea that people should be given the skinny on what app actually matter. If an app doesn’t matter, what’s the point in writing about it?
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The Concept

Android Static was the perfect mix of humor, attitude, and original content designed to engage Android enthusiasts and laypersons alike. Android Static focused on underground developer-driven apps that would add value to users’ lives.

The Story

Android Static was my first serious web project and, for that matter, my first website. From coding to writing to design, Android Static was my first bootstrap project and became a pivotal part of understanding marketing and content.

The Numbers

Android Static quickly rose in search engine result rankings after launch. The site was marketed through a combination of targeted paid social ads and influencer targeting. The site was positioned, not as a competitor, but an alternative to prominent Android blogs.

I targeted specific app development studios to entice developers to link to articles that highlighted their app and, thus, build a solid backlink profile. This was augmented by a social strategy that sought the crème de la crème of Android enthusiasts; only true believers need to apply.

The most important part? Attitude. Unlike the soft-spoken writers of other blogs, Android Static was designed for the harsh truth of having an Android device: some apps are not worth your time. So let Android Static tell you which ones are.

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